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Here at Moxie Creative Boutique we carry all items that are related to women's apparel and we also carry men's wear.  Along with our extensive clothing selection we have great hand bags and accessories.  Our collection is undergoing new ownership and management so please bear with us during this transition.  Check back soon for new items and our new Antigua collection of clothing made in Guatemala.

Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring For Any Room


There is much consideration to be given when choosing hardwood flooring for any room in your home. Fortunately, you will be faced with many choices and will have a wide variety of options that will make it easier to select just the right fit. Hardwood flooring can be installed in any room of your home, from the entry way to the living room, dining room and even bedrooms and hall. You can even choose different types of flooring to fit different decors. This also means the ability to select from different colors and styles.


Bruce Flooring

Armstrong Hardwood Floors

Anderson Flooring


There are many different types of hardwood floors. Solid hardwood flooring is very popular is and still a quite affordable option. It is just as it sounds, solidly constructed and very durable for many years to come.


Another type is engineered-wood flooring. These products are constructed in several layers with grain alternating in opposite directions which gives this type of hardwood flooring more stability in for installation in areas where solid wood flooring cannot be installed. Engineered-wood flooring also comes in various ply’s, or layers, and is easy to install.


Shaw Flooring

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

Mullican Wood Flooring


Acrylic Impregnated - Wood Flooring is another option you will have when choosing to install hardwood flooring in your home. Here, the wood grain has been injected with an acrylic material that makes it very hard and durable. This is a great choice for highly traffic areas such as the entry way. It is also used in many commercial buildings where people are constantly walking. It comes in various colors and patterns and works great for many decors.


There are also many different styles of hardwood flooring. One is strip-wood flooring with a lineal tongue and grove construction. This can come in solid or engineered, finished or prefinished. It is very popular in part because of it ease of installation.


Wicanders Cork Flooring

Earthwerks Flooring

Homerwood Flooring


Plank wood flooring is much the same as the strip described above, except the individual pieces are usually narrower in size. Again, it is available in solid or engineered, finished or prefinished.


Parquet is another style that is widely used in many homes today. Here, pieces of hardwood flooring are constructed into a pattern or design that is most often geometric in nature.


When choosing the type and style of hardwood flooring you will install in your home, compare the prices of each to ensure it will fit within your budget. Choose the type and style that will best fit each room and consider details such as room size, the color of the walls and furnishings and whether or not the room would be considered a highly trafficked area.

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Trout Fishing or Hunting Expo - In Colorado or Alaska

Hunting and Fishing gear sold directly to the public through our affliate.  This hunting expo won't last long and those who are encouraged to attend are Colorado outfitters and Colorado hunting guides.  Hunters and fisherman from all over the country will be in attendance and it will be a great place to network and pick up new clients.  On the schedule for the event will be several interactive hunting forums and speakers.  Topics are listed below:

These key speakers will be talking about hunting activities located in Alaska and the surrounding Provinces in Canada.  Along with each talk comes time to ask questions and inquire about hunting guidelines, season, and obtaining a local hunting permit.

Along with speakers from Alaska, the great state of Colorado will be represented as well.  Colorado as you know has become quite the meca of hunting tourism in the United States simply because of the ease of getting to the hunting location.  Flights to Denver Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and other great cities are so cheap and widely available in todays market that hunting in Colorado has become a snap.  For the Colorado speakers the following topics will be discussed:

At this time no further speakers have been assigned but we are hopeful that this format will draw new speakers to next years Hunting Expo.  As always be sure to follow up the expo with new and exciting deer hunting and be sure to write about your experiences.

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